Corporate Structure

Organizational Chart & Values

At East and West Robotics our values and corporate culture allow us to acheive our underlying mission and goals.

We belive that a firm organizational and corporate structure will enable us to adjust better to changes in the marketplace, consumer needs, government regulation and advancement in new technology.

Listed below are some factors which allow us to fulfil our corporate and social responsibility.

Corporate Responsibility
Our sincerity and corporate responsibility gives a true insight to the safe and reliable products that we provide.

Commitment and Improvement
We have always honoured our commitments and through continuous improvement in product designing and development, we keep up with the level of reliability and satisfaction.

Deference for our Employees and Customers
We respect our employees and give equal oppurtunities to everyone. Customer satisafaction is an imporatant creterion which we have always successfully met.

Quality and Customer Service
Our customers deserve the best and therefore we have always tried to keep up with their demands by providing exceptional quality and customer service.

Creativity and Success
Outstanding performance in any organization is underlined by the creativity in its workforce. Success is made up of many constituents and we believe that creativity is the one factor that acts as a true platform for success. Hence we encourage it in our workplace and new ideas no matter how small they are, are always welcome.

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