I.T. Department Structure

  • Software Section
  • Hardware & Service Section
  • Networks & Servers Section
  • 1. Installing, configuring & troubleshooting company domain & servers in the main office:

    Domain Controller (PDC):

    It is the domain that controls the policy and access rights to all the computers in the head office.

    Additional Domain Controller (BDC):

    It supports the main domain in controlling users rights. This server has been designed also to be standby in case if any fault happened in Main Domain controller. 

    Database Servers (MS-SQL Server 2008):

    It is the data store which stores all the data that belongs to the company in centralized location (Old Programs & Profit System).

    Citrix Servers:

    It is the gateway to the internal network from the site offices to connect and use profit system in the main office network.

    ISA Servers:

    It is the main internet gateway that manages overall access to the internet and acts as a firewall & proxy which prevents anonymous attacks from the internet.

    File Sharing Servers:

    It is a centralized location to store and share all the files & folders in the company between the users.

    Backup Servers:

    It is a centralized location to store all the companies’ backups.

    Web & IMS Server:

    Holding and controlling all our websites files

    Standby Server:

    Taking place of the important servers in case of any failure occurred.


    Running and monitoring SQL Profiler tool which monitors all users transactions in ERP System

    2. Managing & monitoring servers & implementing disaster recovery plans in case any server goes down.

    3.Taking regular backups from the servers as necessary to avoid losing the data.

    4.Arranging server room & fixing racks, patch panels and switches the connecting the network cables to the servers.

    5.Managing all the users’ names, users’ rights, users’ privileges & access controls in the domain.

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