a. The company provides an ultimate solution to car parking problems through its customizable systems of different scale capacities.


b. East and West Robotics evaluates first parties' products such as special purpose machinery and equipment especially when these systems employ different engineering specialties such as Mechanical, Structural, Electrical, Electronics, Computerized Automation and Artificial Intelligence Robotics.




a. The engineering team of East & West Robotics is geared to provide detailed design based on any given criterion where most engineering specialties are combined but not limited to Robot Park with all its systems, subsystems, components and sub-components as and when needed.

b. The company has not only developed and commercialized the EW Robotics’ products portfolio, but it is also geared to make available its engineer equipments and machinery when demanded in mass quantity.

c. The engineering team is qualified to study phenomenal requirements and deliver up to par technical products.



Turnkey Projects

With East & West Robotics' engineering specialization, it possesses a comprehensive variety of Engineering Design Departments and a complete set of facilities such as the Electrical & Electronics workshop, IT Department, Machine shop, Fabrication workshop, Sandblasting, Painting and Assembly shops under a single roof. The company is backed up by its sister companies for the necessary civil works, equipment and manpower, transportation and other utilities.
The above prequalification and other references support the company to provide professional turnkey projects within its field of specialization.


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