The Fire Protection Systems

The following description covers the information on the installation, testing & commissioning of the Automatic Foam Water Sprinkler:

Description of Dry Riser System:

The Automatic Foam Water Sprinkler and Fire Alarm systems are the basic Fire Fighting Equipments installed on the RobotPark.

The Automatic Foam Water Sprinkler system comprises of 3 basic parts:

a.Automatic Sprinkler Heads – 68 deg. C, Pendent type mounted in pairs on every car cell within the RobotPark.
b.Premixed Set of Cylindrical Foam Tanks.
c.Air Compressor to maintain the system pressure.

The Fire Alarm System comprises of two basic parts:

a.Automatic smoke detector.
b.Fire Alarm Control Panel.
The Automatic Foam Water Sprinkler system is designed as per NFPA-16 (Foam Water Sprinkler System) to protect the Parking Area with a high degree of protection against oil fire. Each automatic sprinkler’s coverage area is 4m x 3m minimum connected via the wet pipe. The fluid agent is a mixture solution of 3% AFFF / 97% water.  The system solution is stored in the pressure vessel where the system pressure is maintained through an air compressor fixed adjacent to the pressure vessel.  

The operation of the Automatic Foam-Water Sprinkler System:

When unfortunate fire takes place and the heat temperature rises initially to 68°C only, the sprinkler bulb bursts to release the pressurized foam water solution covering the protected area.
Simultaneously, the appropriate smoke detector activates an alarm signal to both of the local control panel and remote unit/units.

Note:  The foam/water solution is released on continuous basis for nearly 6 minutes or otherwise stopped manually through the respective valve/valves.

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