East and West Robotics proudly introduces its cutting-edge technology, RobotPark , which provides a practical solution for typical car parking problems. Some selective benefits are listed below:

RobotPark (Benefits)

1. Space saving - it requires 1/3 of the conventional car park total area.

2. Economical - it saves the cost of land, system setup expenses and the building time.

3. Interactive - it requires no human attendant.

4. Faster - it consumes less time in parking and retrieval.

5. Safer - it is safe and prevents parking accidents, theft & robbery.

6. Expandable - it can be quickly modified to increase the number of cars through additional modules.

7. Configurable - it is customizable to meet specific requirements.

8. Transportable - it can be disassembled and reconstructed at any given site.

Other Technological Services and Products:

In addition to the above unique feature, East & West Robotics has diversified by providing technological services and products. For more details click here.

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