• Main Systems
  • Backup Systems
  • Entry/Exit Stations
  • Safety Devices
  • Entrance Shutter: Unless it is safe for entrance, the shutter will remain closed and there is no manual method of opening the shutter. While the shutter is open, no positioning operation in the module will take place.


    Safety Stop of the Shutter: The shutter is also equipped with a safety device which will stop the shutter movement instantaneously and return in case the event it is obstructed.



    Human Sensor – The garage is fitted with a Human sensor which prevents the parking process to initiate until the driver and passengers of the car walk out clear from the parking garage.


    Emergency Stop Button – In case of unforeseen emergency this button can be pressed to bring all operations of the Car Park to full halt.




    Heat and Smoke Sensors – The Car Park is equipped, in general with Heat and Smoke sensors to detect fires. These sensors will alert the Fire Fighting Department and the Visual and Sound alarm will be set off.
    Each car parking cell is also equipped with these sensors. In the event of sensing fire, automatic Foam Spray is released to put off a potential fire hazard.
    In the event of a fire, “Break Glass” fire-alarm units are placed at suitable locations in the vicinity of the Car Park to raise the alarm manually.


    To ensure that the car is of the right size and is placed correctly on the platform, an automatic position and dimension check is executed. If found beyond limits, the parking process is halted and a visual display with audible instructions in English will be given to reset the car’s position or remove from the Car Park area if the position and/or dimension is unacceptable.

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